Overtime Screening at Fright Night THIS WEEKEND! DVDs AVAILABLE!

One year ago, we premiered Overtime to a packed crowd at the Fright Night Film Festival.  This year, we’re returning for an encore.

More than that, we’re releasing a “Cast and Crew” edition of the movie.  Supplies are extremely limited…we only have 250 individually numbered copies.  If you worked on the movie, we have a free copy set aside for you.  Otherwise the DVDs will be on sale for $20 immediately following the screening of “Overtime.”

It all starts Friday at 7PM at the Galt House in Downtown Louisville.  We’re only selling this version of the film at the festival, so make sure you’re at the right place at the right time.

You can get tickets to the Fright Night Film Festival HERE.

Once again, THANK YOU to our cast, crew, friends, family, and fans for their overwhelming support.  As the DVD cover says, this is YOUR movie.  And we’re extremely grateful that you brought us along for the ride.

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