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Official Overtime Trailer

WWE Superstar Al Snow stars in the Comedy/Horror/Sci-Fi adventure Overtime. Check out the official trailer for this genre-bending alien/zombie comedy below. MORE »

“Overkill” – Overtime Clip #4

Sometimes you have to overreact a little to protect the woman you love (or at least want to have sex with). MORE »

“So Much Death” – Overtime Clip #3

When a hoard of zombie-aliens (aka zaliens) attacks our heroes, they not only dispense with the creatures from hell but also wax poetic about the social implications of their actions. Kind of. MORE »

“A Revelation” – Overtime Clip #2

After a long day battling zaliens, there’s nothing more cathartic than declaring your true feelings for the woman in your life. MORE »

“In Too Deep” – Overtime Clip #1

Don’t you hate it when your day is interrupted by non-terrestrial entities with retractible probosci? MORE »

Y-Box 720: The Next Generation

The Y-Box 720.Everything you need to nuke, strangle or dropkick the living $h!t out of your enemy. It’s the next stage of fantasy game play. MORE »

Check Out the Overtime Behind-the-Scenes Promo!

Hi all. ┬áThis isn’t the final behind-the-scenes promotional video, but we wanted to give you a sneak peak of our backstage shenanigans. MORE »

Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek Video!

Our gaffer and behind the scenes documentarian Joe Laughrey put together this music montage of some of the more memorable moments of the production of Overtime. It screened at our wrap party, but we liked it so much we decided to share it with the world. Enjoy. MORE »