“So Much Death” – Overtime Clip #3

When a hoard of zombie-aliens (aka zaliens) attacks our heroes, they not only dispense with the creatures from hell but also wax poetic about the social implications of their actions. Kind of. MORE »

“A Revelation” – Overtime Clip #2

After a long day battling zaliens, there’s nothing more cathartic than declaring your true feelings for the woman in your life. MORE »

“In Too Deep” – Overtime Clip #1

Don’t you hate it when your day is interrupted by non-terrestrial entities with retractible probosci? MORE »

Overtime in Florida’s BRINK magazine!

BRINK magazine, an Orlando-based magazine  showcasing photography, design and pop culture, has profiled “Overtime” by interviewing director Matt Niehoff and star Al Snow! MORE »

Y-Box 720: The Next Generation

The Y-Box 720.Everything you need to nuke, strangle or dropkick the living $h!t out of your enemy. It’s the next stage of fantasy game play. MORE »

Check Out the Overtime Behind-the-Scenes Promo!

Hi all.  This isn’t the final behind-the-scenes promotional video, but we wanted to give you a sneak peak of our backstage shenanigans. MORE »

Y-Box 720 Commercial Now Online!

One of the greatest elements of Overtime is Raph’s quest to get his son a Y-Box 720.

Lucky for us, then, that the makers of the Y-Box were nice enough to give us permission to use their product in the movie.  More than that, they allowed us to shoot a commercial for their video game system.

Today, Y-Box launched its official site, and, wouldn’t you know it, they used our commercial on the home page of the website.  Check it out!

Check Out Our Y-Box

Sure, Overtime wrapped principle photography last month, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things here and there that need to be shot.  Pickup shots, a couple of inserts, and, most importantly, the Y-Box commercial. MORE »

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